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Friday, 18 September 2020
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Throughout the years our school has gone through many various projects both school and international.

The most important can be found in the left menu, where you can learn more about them.

Generally, we can name these :

Ark Europe     video     Text (in Czech)
Video postcard from our town     video   Text (in Czech)
Comenius   video   Web page (English)
e-Twinning project - exchange with Danish school     video
School trips abroad, especially Germany and England     video   Web page (in Czech)
Annual Halloween celebrations   video
Christmas market   video
Project "A day with Amos"   video
German project - A trip to the past   video   Text (in Czech)
Ziel 3 - Finish 3 - German project


Comenius in Madrid   Comenius in Prague Danish kids  Halloween
London  Vanocni trhy  Projekt 903  Terezin

Most of our students have lunch in our canteen. The variety of the meals, fruit or vegetables, yoghurts, müssli bars or cakes are examples of a daily menu.

The kids can opt from two meals every day. 

The youngest have their lunch together with their after-school club.


Jidelna01 Jidelna02 Jidelna03 Jidelna04


Welcome at Stříbrnická Elementary School websites. We are school that especially focuses on teaching foreign languages and its use not only in the classes of English or German, but we try to use them in real situations as well.



What you can find in our school :

  • Foreign language from the 1st class
  • Special language lab for learning languages
  • School swimming pool
  • Outdoor sport playgrounds
  • 2 computer classrooms
  • Safe space for the kids in the school nursery with a capacity of 175 kids
  • Team of teachers who effort for further education in their fields
  • Loads of non-school activities like school trips, foreign countries trips, projects, ...


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skola01 skola02 skola03
skola04  skola05  skola06

All the kids in the first years of their attendance in our school visit out after-school club where they do lots of interesting activities.

The club starts very early in the morning so the parents can leave their kids here, before the school classes start. Having finished they come back again to play games, go out or simply take a rest after a demanding school day.

They kids are led by specialists and the variety of activities proves the quality :

  • after-school club trips (the city of Jičín - the city of fairy-tales, Zoo gardens, ...)
  • competitions
  • the Kids' Day
  • sport activities in our school gyms or on an outdoor track / playground
  • Christmas pyjamas party
  • Mothers' Day
  • The Sport Olympiad
  • Costume Dancing Party
  • and many other
Druzina 01 Druzina 02 Druzina 03
Druzina 04  Druzina 05  Druzina 06

About us

Our school was opened in 1982 and has been one of the largest as for the number of pupils and employees in the Usti region since that time. The building is situated near an important traffic route and a large housing estate in the city region Stribrniky.

Since the very beginning it has been focusing on the foreign languages teaching, since 2000 on the sport as well. The school has its own swimming pool and a newly-built sport playground with a running track.

The school educates children in the age of 6 to 15 years.